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Newsletter – Jan 2017

Regardless of the cause, we know the effect. Hurricane Sandy brought thousands of gallons of water rushing into homes, businesses and mass transportation systems up and down the East Coast.

More recently, West Texas experienced massive flooding. And sometimes we're actively attempting to dive deep with undersea exploration and harnessing wave energy generation.

Five Ways To Protect Your Equipment From Rising Oceans and Falling Rain

No matter how the water threatens to get in, ZaGO's sealing fasteners and components keep it out. How?

  1. Sealing Fasteners
    Provide metal to metal contact using a groove and o-ring under the head of the fastener to engineer a complete sealing unit.
  2. Sealing Nuts
    Offer the ultimate sealing protection with their unique design which features a rubber layer on the face of the nut. If you're working in high pressure circumstance, then your equipment demands the best quality self-sealing nut.
  3. Switch Boots Family
    Fully protect toggle, push button, and rotary devices against harsh environments. Our boots feature a mounting nut which tightly encompasses your switch's base nut, creating an airtight seal around the switch in every direction.
  4. Panel Bushing Seals
    Prevent potential leaks with a stainless steel, type 202 or 302 inner component which is encompassed by a silicone rubber molding on all sides. All of our panel bushing seals meet milspec Mil-DTL-5423.
  5. Crystal Seals
    Crystal Seals Are the choice of engineering professionals worldwide to shield their electronic devices against contamination. Our Crystal seals feature excellent flex resistance and crystal clear appearance allows you to instantaneously evaluate the state of your switches.