Secondary Processes – Sealing Screws

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ZAGO offers its customers a variety of secondary processes for our sealing screws including:

Self-Locking Features

ZAGO offers the widest range of high quality self-locking components available for both military and commercial usage. All of our Pellet, Strip and Patch products meet or exceed the required specifications for MIL-F-18240, IFI 124 and IFI 524.

  • Epoxy – A powerful sealing element that is known to out-perform most of the nylon locking elements in first-off torque evaluations.
  • Patch – A process by which powdered nylon is sprayed onto the fastener threads, fusing it to the material and rendering it self-locking.
  • Pellet – A pellet is a firm nylon plug that is inserted into a drilled hole in the threads of the fastener making it self-locking and still fully adjustable.
  • Pre-Coat 30 – This coating is offered in both acrylic and epoxy formulations.
  • Strip – The stripping process inserts a bar of Nylon, Kel-F or Vespel into a milled slot in a threaded fastener which makes it self-locking.
  • Vibration Resistance – Even under conditions of extreme vibration, ZAGO’s vibration resistant coating makes any fastener self-locking.


ZAGO offers numerous platings the choice of which depends upon the screw material you are seeking to coat:

    Black Chrome is a hard, non-reflective coating which is resistant to abrasion, heat and erosion. The Black Chrome surface is a dull, dark grey and may be waxed or oiled to darken surface.
    Black oxide is a uniform black coating for ferrous metals. Generally it is considered a decorative coating and provides only very limited corrosion protections under mild corrosion conditions.
  • Cadmium is a bright silvery white plating. Supplementary treatments for Type II can be golden, iridescent, amber, black or olive drab.
    Passivation is a process designed to remove foreign metals from the surface of stainless and corrosion resistant steels.
    LIGHT (TT-C-00490B) A light coating for use as a base paint
  • GOLD (MIL-G-45204B)
    Yellow to orange color depending on proprietary process used. Will range from matte to bright finish depending on basis metal. Good corrosion resistance and high tarnish resistance.
  • NICKEL (QQ-N-290A)
    Corrosion protective plating for steel, zinc and zinc alloys as well as copper and copper alloys.
  • ZINC (QQ-Z-325C)
    The primary use of chromate finishes on zinc is to retard or prevent formation of white corrosion products on zinc surfaces.


ZAGO is capable of cutting down fasteners to any size you require. ZAGO maintains a state-of-the-art machine shop with CNC machines capable of precisely cutting down screws to our customers’ unique specifications.


ZAGO is capable of doing any type of drilling your fasteners require including head drilling, shank drilling and specialties.


ZAGO offers its customers the option of painting its fasteners. Fully qualified mil-spec materials are used.