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Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, ZAGO Manufacturing Co. Shares Stories of Diverse Workforce

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September 15 – October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, and ZAGO Manufacturing Co. is proud to share the stories of the Hispanic women and men who comprise its diverse workforce, from the production floor to executive leadership.


Sonia Letona, Quality Control Manager, Guatemala. Sonia came to America 15 years ago and landed her first job at ZAGO working the assembly line. Sonia, who is a wife and mother of three, excelled at her position and now leads a team of seven. When asked about how she rose to her position, Sonia says, “I love learning. I ask lots of questions, and I care about helping our customers.”

Aly Damacela, Contract Reviewer/ Buyer, Ecuador. Aly, Ecuadorian, began her journey at ZAGO 10 years ago while earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Kean University and becoming a mom. “At ZAGO, I can be a mother while continuing to grow my career. ZAGO even paid my college tuition.”

Jonathan Cruz, Lead Machinist and Robot Specialist, Honduras. Jonathan joined ZAGO in 2014 operating machines to produce sealing screws, before working his way up. Jonathan’s passion for manufacturing and engineering prompted him to pursue an Engineering Technology, Manufacturing degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Viviana Alvarez, Purchasing and Expediting, Colombia. Viviana’s career began in 2018 in the shipping department before working her way up to Purchasing & Expediting. Viviana appreciates the family feel ZAGO provides. “I love working at ZAGO. We’re more than just colleagues, we’re family.”

Jackie Luciano, Vice President, Puerto Rico. Jackie Luciano began her career 14 years ago, rising from part-time bookkeeper, raising two young children to Vice President, achieving her MBA in Finance from Rutgers along the way.

Representation Matters

“If women and men hailing from different backgrounds don’t see themselves represented, then, they won’t know that a fruitful career in manufacturing is possible,” says Gail Friedberg Rottenstrich, Co-Founder and CEO, ZAGO, a woman-owned business.
“We have an amazing pool of Hispanic associates including Kleber Rivera, Ecuadorian and Stephanie Carhuavilca, Honduran. Both are progressing at work and furthering their education, and like all our associates, play pivotal roles. When our associates succeed, ZAGO succeeds,” says Jackie Luciano.

Support is Crucial

ZAGO, which makes environmentally friendly sealing fasteners and components in Newark, NJ, covers 100% tuition for eligible associates to take a range of courses, including ESL classes, and earn professional certificates and advanced degrees.

Did You Know?

ZAGO is a purpose-driven company that is committed to the triple bottom line strategy of "People. Planet. Profit."