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Sealing Nuts

Hex Seal Nut

Hex Seal Nut

ZAGO's hex sealing nuts are designed to withstand extreme pressure and form a complete seal along the threading of your bolt.

Hex Flange Seal Nut

Hex Flange Seal Nut

Perfect for equipment that is exposed to high pressure, contamination or vibration.

Acorn Seal Nut

Acorn Seal Nut

Designed for situations in which leakage, vibration or environmental forces cause ordinary nuts to fail.

How It Works

ZAGO high-tech sealing nuts are configured to bond with a rubber element, such as Silicone, Fluoro-silicone, Buna-N, and Viton, that when tightened to required torque value, squeezes outwardly and upon metal-to-metal contact, provides a 360 degree air-tight seal inside the thread as well as the circumference of the nut. This hermetic seal prevents airflow leakage, such as between pipe fittings or in a pneumatic pump , while blocking contaminants, like dust, moisture, oil, liquids, and gas, from entering and damaging high-asset equipment or leaking into and harming the environment. ZAGO sealing nuts are small yet tough enough to withstand extreme pressure, temperature and weather conditions, resist vibration and reduce noise.

ZAGO one-unit sealing nuts, available in hex, hex flange, acorn nut, and large pipe threading sealing nuts, are reusable and eliminate the need for sealing washers. They protect and prolong the lifespan of industrial machinery, factory automation equipment, power tools, hydraulic control systems and pressure valves.

ZAGO offers metric, inches and pipe threading options for nuts in a variety of materials, like steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and copper, and a rubber element that meets Military Spec AS568. Food and medical-grade compliant rubber and DFARS parts are available upon request.

Special features include:

The Results

ZAGO’s self-sealing nuts and plugs are dependably resistant against the chemical and environmental elements ordinary nuts and plugs simply don’t stand a chance against. They are user-friendly, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to any challenge you may face in the field, in the water, in the operating room, and beyond. Our Engineers are always happy to work with you as you select the best materials for your individual needs. Learn more about how ZAGO can create custom-tailored self-sealing nuts and plugs to meet all of your specifications by contacting us today.