Tailor-Fit Solutions For Your Needs

ZAGO offers clients a large variety of self-sealing screws and fasteners that are built to stand up against even the toughest challenges. Our extensive inventory, top of the line machinery, and expert technicians grants us the capacity to provide our clients with full-customization services. While we always stock our most popular items in large supplies, we also offer clients the opportunity to order specialty products. What’s more is that ZAGO offers clients secondary-process services such as cut-down, drilling, painting, and plating. Our line of fasteners feature “O” rings–advanced self-locking element devices which ensure your fasteners the ultimate fortification against leaks of any kind. ZAGO also offers customers add-ons, including pellets, patches, and strips, for unbeatable protection against vibration.

Our switch boots were designed and built to completely block out external threats. Mounted securely on electronic switches, these switch boots can add years of life to your electronic equipment. ZAGO goes above and beyond when it comes to producing switch boots for toggle, rotary and push button switches by offering clients full control over customizability. Material selection, sizing, and colors choices are all in the hands of clients thanks to ZAGO’s capacity for customization. We also offer customers special threading and a variety of durometers to choose from. Thus, while we do always have many of our products in stock, and available for delivery in 1-2 days, we can always execute special orders.

Crystal switch seals built by ZAGO can withstand virtually any environment, and can be custom-fit to securely mount any switch of any configuration. Wherever you need splash-proof protection for your equipment in one, crystal-clear product, ZAGO will have a solution for you. ZAGO molds crystal seals exactly according to customer specifications. Our in-house tooling and rapid lead-times ensure you timely delivery for sophisticated products that were designed to fit your exact needs. Once our clients approve a prototype, we can quickly begin production and have crystal seals delivered in 1-2 days.

ZAGO is proud to offer clients not only outstanding products and secondary processes, but also full consultation services from our engineering department. We work closely with customers on projects large and small in the mission to always find the best sealing solutions. Speak to one of our engineers today, and learn what you can gain by using ZAGO’s products and services.