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Driving Automotive Disruption, Engineers Demand ZAGO for Optimization, Resiliency and Peace of Mind

For many auto designers and engineers, the pressure to disrupt has never been greater, and the need for nimble, resilient and reliable equipment and parts that can be produced quickly and without error is paramount.

To meet these demands, engineers and OEMs increasingly turn to ZAGO for its high-tech, clean self-sealing fasteners and components that are custom-made to protect a vehicle's most valuable and expensive components. ZAGO sealing solutions are designed with auto efficiency in mind and prolong the lifespan and optimization of batteries, engines and powertrains while reducing operation and maintenance costs. ZAGO can provide PPAPs and First Article Inspection Reports necessary to satisfy the most exacting automakers.

Leak-Proof; Temperature, Water, and Dust / Dirt -Resistant

ZAGO high-tech self-sealing fasteners are engineered with a groove under the head of the fastener or in the face of the nut that when combined with a rubber O-ring and tightened, forms a leak-proof seal against the incursion and expulsion of liquids and gasses, including fuel and petroleum.

Fast Facts

Did you know ZAGO:

  • High-tech fasteners are reusable, tamper-proof and made of corrosion-resistant metals, like stainless steel and steel alloys, titanium, brass and monel.
  • Offers rubber O-rings made of silicone, fluoro-silicone, viton, neoprene, buna, teflon, and EPDM.
  • Has been serving the automotive industry 25+ years.
  • Provides samples and usually ships product within two days.
  • Has a near zero rejection rate.
  • Sealing solutions and components are inherently green and made in the U.S.A. at a sustainable facility powered by solar energy.
  • Is an ISO 9001 registered company, qualified to meet the most exacting demands of engineers and OEMs using verified standards and procedures for product quality.
  • Serves thousands of engineers and OEMs worldwide.
  • Clients include Ferrari, Caterpillar, Punch Powertrain, Apple, GE, Raytheon, Teledyne Marine, HP, Bose, L3 Communications and the U.S. Army.

ZAGO proudly meets these certifications & standards:

Equipment Applications

  • Engine, Motors (ground vehicles / marine)
  • Lithium Batteries – Electric / Hybrid Cars, Trucks, Diesel / Electric Locomotives
  • Outdoor / Indoor Electric Vehicle Charging Stations & Enclosures
  • Sensors & 3-D Cameras
  • LiDAR Technology Systems / Navigation Systems
  • E-Mobility Vehicles (i.e. Bikes, Scooters)
  • Powertrains
  • Transmission Assembly
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Electronic Dashboards (i.e. Emergency Vehicles)