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Self-Sealing Nuts Engineering

Ordinary nuts and plugs lack adequate seal technology and allow external/internal pressure and contaminants to damage the integrity of the enclosure, and therefore your device. ZAGO has engineered a solution to this problem with its exclusive line of self-sealing nuts and seal plugs. We have developed a way to permanently fuse a rubber element to the threads of nuts, thereby lending the nuts excellent sealing capabilities, defense against vibration and convenient reusability. Our seal plugs have been fitted with an O-ring in the groove underneath the head so that, when the seal plug is tightened, the O-ring fills any space beneath the plug creating a complete seal.

ZAGO seal nuts are available with various types of sealing material suitable for sealing a wide range of contaminants and they resist most chemicals in different temperature ranges. ZAGO seal nuts can also be designed to exhibit excellent weather, ozone and UV resistance. ZAGO seal nuts are used in many types of equipment applications such as within the food industry (with our special FDA rubber formula), and many OEM specifications.

ZAGO seal nuts can solve numerous problems in applications including:

ZAGO seal nuts work against any surface – smooth or irregular, durable or fragile. ZAGO seal nuts are more than just a nut because of our unique bonding process which can be used on all types of rubber element material. ZAGO seal nuts will perform and function in ways that no regular piece of hardware could perform alone.

For your next project, seal it right with ZAGO!

The Results

ZAGO’s self-sealing nuts and plugs are dependably resistant against the chemical and environmental elements ordinary nuts and plugs simple don’t stand a chance against. They are user-friendly, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to any challenge you may face in the field, in the water, in the operating room, and beyond. Our Engineers are always happy to sit down and work with you as you select the best materials for your individual need. Learn more about how ZAGO can create custom-tailored self-sealing nuts and plugs to meet all of your specifications by contacting us today.

ZAGO’s manufacturing process is not only the most advanced of its kind, but it is also highly sustainable. Please contact ZAGO to learn more about our seal nut engineering process and to determine which materials are optimal for you application. Our expertise in manufacturing seal nuts, coupled with our outstanding inventory and equipment means that we can customize seal nuts to fit your every specification.