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Security/Tamper-Proof Seal Screws

6-lobe Pin

6-lobe Pin

6-lobe pin heads are designed with grooves in a six-point pattern, featuring a pin within the recess that will resist standard torx bits.

Socket with Pin

Socket with Pin

Pin-in-hex socket screws feature a small metal post in the middle of the screw head that prevents a normal hex driver from engaging.



Spanner screws are easily recognizable by the two holes drilled in the top of the head.

Protection Against A Wide Range Of Threats

You’ve made the investment in security/tamper-proof screws to deter anyone attempting to tamper with your equipment. But have you secured your gear against other threats, such as air or fluid contaminants or pressure?

ZAGO offers you a variety of drive styles for security/tamper-proof, self-sealing screws. These ultimate screws will provide you with outstanding security against any external/internal contamination from air, water, gas and other materials. These screws are available in a variety of screw materials as well as different O-ring material options depending on your application.

ZAGO Offers The Following Types Of Security/Tamper-Proof, Self-Sealing Screws

ZAGO can supply you with standard threading, as well as work with you to determine specific threading needs, including left-hand threads. Fortify your tamper-proof fasteners with ZAGO’s powerful O-ring, which is designed to fit each type of tamper-proof screw. These specially engineered screws block out fluids, air, and chemical contaminants, while granting you exceptional fastening power and metal-to-metal contact. If vibration is a particular issue, ZAGO offers a variety of self-locking strips, pellets and patches, which absorb vibration. Secure the equipment you need to depend on continuously against both human and environmental threats by using ZAGO’s tamper-proof self-sealing fasteners.

Our fasteners are ready to use with no installation preparation, and can be reused for years. They are compatible with all surface types and act as a total deterrent against external/internal contamination from air, water, gas, and other harsh environments when you use compatible O-ring materials. As a result, you can count on them in every situation.

Your tamper-proof fasteners should be self-sealing if you want to see your equipment functioning at its best for years. ZAGO is the leader in producing the most secure fasteners at competitive prices. Choosing the right security/tamper-proof self-sealing screw is essential for effective performance. ZAGO can can assist you in the selection process. Our engineering department can serve as a resource to your firm, and help you resolve any issues you may encounter, or enhance your current system. Call ZAGO at +1 (973) 643-6700 for one-on-one consultation and to find out what our products can do for your equipment.