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Switch Boots Engineering

ZAGO’s team crafts strong and maneuverable one-piece switch boots. Our manufacturing process includes testing raw silicone within tight quality control standards, and then selecting the appropriate silicone needed for each order. Our technicians then re-compound the rubber by incorporating cure and coloring agents to the final elastomer. Next, the materials are combined and molded according to specifications to precisely fit each toggle switch, push button switch, or rotary switch. By replacing the ordinary mounting nut with ZAGO’s seal boot, your switch will have full protection. No special handling is required; they are easily installed and fit over most standard switches.

ZAGO Uses The Following Materials For The Switch Boots

Rubber Element

Mounting Nut

Design And Construction

Specifications are written and applied with the intent of guaranteeing product performance. Specifications can be written by the customer for the rubber parts they are buying, but are often derived from a formal system developed by a technical association, such as the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), a government or military organization or the commonly applied commercial standard from ASTM (D-2000). International standard requirements are also commonplace.

Specifications for rubber products generally include physical and chemical tests for the compound. Basic evaluations include tests for levels of hardness, tensile strength, elongation, and resistance to oils and/or heat. These requirements may be expanded to include a variety of tests, such as compression set, flame resistance, low temperature resistance, special fluid or chemical exposure, toxicity evaluations, and more. The specification spells out what tests have to be done to qualify the product or process initially. The customer may require frequent re-testing of some or all of the initial tests to gain confidence in the product.

While specifications are negotiable between the customer and the supplier, superior compound properties and a high frequency of re-testing may result in higher costs to produce the finished product.

Installation Instructions

All boots are crafted from a single-piece design and can be made DFARS and ROHS compliant. Based on the same design and engineering principles used in demanding military applications, ZAGO switch boots assure long lasting performance for your switches, circuit breakers or potentiometers.

For unusual requirements, ZAGO can modify existing boots or custom design boots to meet the customer’s specifications.

Choose the best for your switches.

We Can Customize The Following Features:


Our clients maximize the capacity of their devices by using our switch boots. The switch boots protect electronic devices from the degrading and corroding effects of harsh environmental conditions, thereby significantly extending their life cycles. Without ZAGO switch boots, devices such as panels and circuit breakers will almost inevitably deteriorate and become inoperable. Using the highest quality materials, ZAGO has a designed a solution for those working in extreme environments, and for those who require the absolute highest product standards.

All switch boots have single-piece designs and can be DFARS and ROHS compliant. Applying rigorous design and engineering principles used in demanding military applications, ZAGO has created switch boots that grant long lasting performance to switches, potentiometers and circuit breakers. Moreover, ZAGO has the capacity to modify existing boots or to custom-design design boots to meet your every specifications. Choose the best for your switches, and work with us today.