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Secondary Processes

ZAGO offers its customers a variety of secondary processes for our sealing fasteners including:

Self-Locking Features

ZAGO offers the widest range of high quality self-locking components available for both military and commercial usage. All of our Pellet, Strip and Patch products meet or exceed the required specifications for MIL-F-18240, IFI 124 and IFI 524.


ZAGO offers numerous platings the choice of which depends upon the screw material you are seeking to coat:


ZAGO is capable of cutting down fasteners to any size you require. ZAGO maintains a state-of-the-art machine shop with CNC machines capable of precisely cutting down screws to our customers’ unique specifications.


ZAGO is capable of doing any type of drilling your fasteners require including head drilling, shank drilling and specialties.


ZAGO offers its customers the option of painting its fasteners. Fully qualified mil-spec materials are used.