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Sealing Screws

Sealing Screws

Prevent contaminants from leaking into and damaging equipment or seeping out into the environment (with 360° air-tight seal).

Sealing Bolts

Sealing Bolts

ZAGO sealing bolts form a complete seal along the threading of the bolt to permanently prevent contaminants from seeping into or out of equipment.

Security/Tamper Proof Seal Screws

Security/Tamper Proof Seal Screws

These ultimate screws will provide you with outstanding security against any external/internal contamination from air, water, gas and other materials.

Special Sealing Screws

Special Sealing Screws

Custom solutions to meet your unique specifications and challenges.

Sealing Nuts

Sealing Nuts

ZAGO’s sealing nuts are designed to withstand extreme pressure and to form a complete seal along the threading of your bolt.

Sealing Washers

Sealing Washers

ZAGO’s sealing washers are designed to withstand extreme pressure and to form a complete seal along the threading of your bolt.

Switch Boots

Switch Boots

Fully protect your electronic devices with push button, toggle and rotary switches from hostile environments.

Crystal Switch Seals

Crystal Switch Seals

Crystal clear solutions for protecting your switches from contaminants, extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

High-Tech Custom Sealing Solutions Preferred by Thousands of Engineers & OEMs Worldwide

When it comes to protection, resilience and optimization of high-value equipment, ranging from power grids and solar panels to rechargeable batteries and minute sensors enabling smart technology, time and again, engineers and OEMs choose ZAGO high-tech, sustainable sealing solutions and components. There are many reasons why.

Thanks so much, I appreciate all your help... as usual! I deal with a lot of vendors, and you guys really stand out! Great customer service and I appreciate it!

Bonnie, Fort Worth, Texas


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Technically, we can help anyone

Sealing fasteners for military and defense

Military & Defense

The only military grade sealing screw manufacturer capable of NASM specified pressure testing.

Sealing fasteners for aerospace


Built to perform while withstanding the extreme heat of continuously operating engines powering air fleets, rockets, and spacecraft.

Sealing screws for electronics and enclosures

Electronics & Enclosures

NEMA-ready solutions for NEMA bound electrical enclosures.

Sealing screws for commercial lighting

Commercial Lighting

Designed to protect the most fragile sensors powering smart lighting.

Sealing solutions for medical devices

Medical Devices

FDA approved O-rings, ideally suited for the most sensitive, high-value medical devices.

Sealing solutions for robotics and drones

Robotics & Drones

Optimizing battery life, functionality of robots and drones operating in harsh environments.

Sealing screws for marine applications


Protecting high-value subsea assets from corrosion, seepage; paving way for undersea exploration.

Sealing screws for energy industry

Energy Generation & Recovery

Advancing innovation, protecting the earth with pressure-resistant, sustainable O-ring technology.

Sealing screws for automotive industry


Prolonging the lifespan and efficiency of engines, motors, powertrains; reducing their carbon footprint. Providing PPAPs and First Article Inspection Reports to satisfy the most exacting automakers.

Sealing screws and fastener for LiDAR


Providing LiDAR systems and sensors with 360-degree leak-proof protection.

Sealing fasteners for industrial manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Helping with the transition to a smarter, automated and connected factory, while protecting both traditional manufacturing equipment and sophisticated sensors from physical disruption and cyberattacks.

Engineering Solutions for Your Sealing Challenges

NASM tested

NASM 82496 Testing

Only ZAGO tests for NASM 82496.

Security and sealing solutions for NEMA enclosures.

NEMA Ready

Security and sealing solutions that optimize and meet the requirements of NEMA enclosures.

Secondary Processes on Sealing Screws

Secondary Processes

Full range of plating, self-locking and painting.

Sealing Fastener Customization

Product Customization

Custom solutions to meet your exact specifications.

From Sustainability to Saving Lives; Engineers are Accelerating Innovation

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