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Newsletter – January 2018

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ZAGO Seal Nuts Outperform Plastic Insert Lock Nuts!

ZAGO seal nuts offer superior flexibility and versatility in comparison with the plastic insert lock nuts currently on the market. Plastic insert lock nuts offer only one type of sealing element known as Polyamide, or Nylon 11. Nylon 11 is a semi-crystalline plastic material with no flexibility. In contrast, ZAGO sealing nuts are offered with a variety of flexible rubber choices including Silicone, Buna, Viton, Fluorosilicone and EPDM. This wide range of o-rings makes ZAGO’s nuts suitable for a nearly unlimited range of uses.

ZAGO offers seal nuts with o-rings that are also appropriate for a wide range of environments including extremes of temperature, exposure to petroleum and other greases and oils, and in addition stand up when put in contact with harsh chemicals. In addition, while the insert in plastic insert lock nuts are limited to one level of hardness, semi-crystalline plastic, and cannot be squeezed, ZAGO’s nuts can be assembled with o-rings of different levels of elasticity allowing the o-ring to squeeze into different openings and allowing a wider range of uses. ZAGO’s nuts are also exceptionally vibration resistant.

And it is not just the o-rings in ZAGO’s seal nuts that make them versatile, ZAGO’s seal nuts are also highly corrosion resistant. While typical plastic insert lock nuts are only offered in steel, which is prone to oxidation (rust), ZAGO offers its self-sealing nuts in stainless steel which has superior hardness. Stainless steel is also easily cleaned and sanitized. Strength and corrosion resistance often make it the material of choice in aerospace, transportation, food, medical and processing equipment industries. ZAGO seal nuts are also offered in other materials including brass and aluminum.

ZAGO seal nuts also come in a much wider variety of configurations than Plastic insert lock nuts. ZAGO seal nuts come not just in the standard hex configuration, but are also offered in hex flange, acorn, hex jam and in a wide variety of dimensions. In addition, ZAGO offers fine threads as well as cross threads so that the range of uses is practically infinite.

Clearly ZAGO’s seal nuts are superior on all levels to plastic insert lock nuts.

Did You Know?

ZAGO is a purpose-driven company that is committed to the triple bottom line strategy of "People. Planet. Profit."