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Clearance Hole
Prevents extrusion into the metal when the screw is under pressure.
Corrosion Resistance
This refers to the resistance a material (metal) can withstand damage caused by unfavorable elements that can corrode the material.
The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, DFARS Clause 252.225.7014, Preference for Domestic Special Metals) ZAGO Manufacturing Company, Inc. is capable of supplying self-sealing fasteners fabricated with specialty metals which are fully compliant with DFARS Clause 252.225-7014.
Locking Elements
A self-locking component that is used in external threaded fasteners meeting the required specifications for MIL-F-18240, IFI 124 and IFI 524.
Machine Screws
A ready-to-use sealing fastener that requires no preparation and will serve as a solution for any particular challenge you may face.
NASM 82496
Self-sealing machine screws with integral O-ring requiring specific pressure test to meet the exacting needs of our military.
US non-profit National Electrical Manufacturers Association, that defines the standards for enclosures which are rated to protect against (1) personnel access to hazardous parts and (2) environmental hazards such as water, dust, oil or coolant or conditions subject to corrosive agents.
A gasket in the form of a ring made of several rubber materials, silicone, Buna, Viton, fluoro-silicone.
Certification that a product is compliant with the European Union regulation.
The drive/recess is a feature on the screw's head that allows the screw to be turned, ZAGO’s sealing screws are offered in a variety of recesses, Phillips, 6-lobe, Socket and Slotted.
A reusable sealing fastener that is remarkably quick to install.
Restriction of Hazardous Substance is a directive that was instituted by the European Union, stating all new electrical and electronic equipment must not contain certain restricted materials.
Sealing Fasteners
Unique fasteners engineered with a unique groove and built-in O-ring providing an effective seal around the screw.
Security Seal Screws
Security/tamper-proof sealing screws will provide you with outstanding security against any internal and external contamination. It will also prevent anyone attempting to tamper with your equipment.
Switch Boots
A single piece design of molded rubber over a brass hex nut, designed to seal the switch as well as the cut-out in the panel of the equipment.
Tensile Strength
The maximum measurement of force that material can bear without fracture while being pulled or stretched.
A continuous spiral ridge formed on the external or internal surface of a screw or nut. The most common are the UNC and the UNF.
Tolerance Run Out
The total variation the surface can have when it meets all points when rotated.
The application of force that causes rotation to the threaded shank of the fastener.
Vibration Absorbing
A vibration resistant feature such as such as strips, pellets and patches that makes any fastener self-locking.