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Special Sealing Screws

Unique Solutions For Every Case

ZAGO is one of the very few companies that supplies self-sealing specialty screws. If you’re making the investment in advanced equipment that requires specialty screws, then your next investment should be in ZAGO’s powerful self-sealing specialty screws, which can handle any environment with their captive O-ring design. The O-ring seals the screw, creating a complete barrier against external forces such as water or dirt. If you’re using ordinary screws then your equipment may be significantly more susceptible to damage.

Our technology is harnessed by leaders in a wide array of industries and military applications. Experts who need extra durable, dependable fasteners to securely fasten and seal at the same time use ZAGO sealing products to build medical equipment, electronic devices and panels, marine hulls, valves, fuel tanks, food processing equipment, and much more.

ZAGO offers complete customization – offering a wide variety of thread styles, head styles, screw materials and O-ring materials so that your needs are completely met, your expectations fully exceeded, and your costs minimized. Samples are available for trial and prototyping. Our full selection of O-rings means that we can fit an O-ring for any of our screw styles, thus providing a complete solution for any environment or application. In addition, ZAGO’s engineering department offers personal consultation and advice throughout your selection and building process.

ZAGO’s extensive line of self-sealing specialty screws is ideal for machinery and equipment which requires off-the-shelf screws with extraordinary durability and sealing power. When you need foolproof metal-to-metal fastening while meeting your budget, ZAGO is your one-stop supplier. Contact ZAGO for consultation and information on our specialty screws, and to learn how our business can best serve yours.