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You depend on your circuit breaker to protect you electrical circuits from damage. Shouldn’t you, then, begin by placing a layer of defense over circuit breaker switches themselves? Here at ZAGO we believe that the first line of fortification goes directly over the switches. Thats why we have engineered Crystal circuit breaker seals that shield your sensitive electronics from the unforgiving likes of grime, oil, oxidation, radiation, and various chemicals. True protection begins with seal security, which is why industry and military experts continuously depend on ZAGO to supply them with our unparalleled sealing products.

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Our Crystal circuit breaker seals, crafted from a powerful urethane compound, are mounted over any kind of circuit breaker in order to yield extraordinary results. The covers, designed to seal single, double and triple pole circuit breakers, fortify both the top of the circuit breaker as well as the cut out in the panel. As a result, both the functionality and the aesthetics of your switch are significantly enhanced. This is an economic solution to the problem of circuit breaker degradation, a phenomenon that concerns anyone who has ever owned a circuit breaker.

With ZAGO’s Crystal circuit breaker seals, the disastrous consequences of dysfunctional circuit breakers and ruined electronic devises are no longer probable. In fact, you will virtually rule out the chances of circuit breaker failure on the part of external factors if you fortify it with ZAGO’s Crystal circuit breaker seal. Moreover, with the competitive prices we offer, our clients enjoy a win-win scenario of quality and cost. Order with us today, and grant yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you can depend on your circuit breakers. ZAGO is available for in depth consultation, and can work with whatever parameters you put forth.