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Your switch panel is where you initialize the machines that perform your most mission-critical tasks. Shouldn’t you, then, ensure that your switches are fully cared for? Your business depends on its switches every day, so make sure they are continuously working by using ZAGO’s full panel Crystal seal. We have engineered a one-piece solution to your sealing needs using the highest quality selection of materials possible, and by employing expert professionals.

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The full panel Crystal seal is designed to form fit over the various switches and cut outs of your panel to deliver you unsurpassable sealing. The cover’s crisp, crystal-clear appearance allows you to instantly seal your switches, and also aesthetically enhances your panel. Its single piece design, which is crafted to fit switches of any shape or size, effectively blocks out dust, precipitates, saltwater, fungus, and chemicals which would otherwise seriously damage your switches. Our Crystal full panel seal is also resilient to wear and tear, and can withstand extreme temperatures. Reuse the seals when you like with quick installation and removal. And once the seal is on, you never need to do any maintenance–just actuate your switches as you would regularly, knowing that they wear a powerful layer of protection.

Switches are simply not designed to stand up against the elements by default, which is why it is crucial that you protect them with ZAGO’s Crystal full panel seals. Our engineers are ready to work with you to deliver you the best possible products and services. Our fast production rates and minimized costs means that ordering your full panel seals is always a smooth process. Most tooling is designed and manufactured in our machine shop and delivery of working prototype can be supplied as quickly as 1-2 days. Begin today by sending us your project details, and we will immediately start working towards great results.