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What if there was a way to quickly and economically fortify your rocker switches, taking them from ordinary to fully fortified? That’s the question ZAGO asked some time ago, and it has since engineered the solution to answer it. Introducing ZAGO’s cost-effective rocker switch seals–designed to fully protect your rocker switches against the damaging effects of saltwater, dust, fungus and more. Their composition as well as their one-piece, form-fitting, wrap around shape lends them exceptional sealing capacity.

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The crystal covering seals both the top of the switch as well as the panel cut out. We will create perfectly fitted rocker switch seals for any sized or shaped switches that are used in any application. You can reuse the crystal rocker switch seals multiple times, as they are resilient to wear and tear. With effortless installation our Crystal rocker switch seals provide lasting protection. ZAGO’s Crystal rocker switch seals not only protect you switches, but they also enhance their appearance.

Protect all your electronic devices with ZAGO’s Crystal switch seals; ensure that they function as they should year after year by shielding them against dust, moisture and dirt. When the stakes are high, making that crucial investment in ZAGO’s Crystal rocker switch seals is what may well make the difference between success and failure. And since ZAGO is also able to keep costs low by using our in-house machine shop for most of our tooling, you don’t ever need to compromise on quality for a better price. Submit your project details, and we will gladly work with you to find the solution that will fit your every requirement.