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These small devices–tactile and dip switches–are the key gateways through which a human finger push is converted into an electrical signal. These powerful, critical components must be adequately cared for, if one is to ensure optimal performance. Experts agree that the way one looks after tactile switches is by protecting them with ZAGO’s Crystal tactile switch seals. ZAGO’s coverings not only seal the tops of tactile switches, but they also seal the cut out section. Standard switches, with ZAGO’s seals, become transformed into high functioning, top quality sealed tactile and dip switches.

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The benefits of using ZAGO’s Crystal seals on tactile and dip switches are numerous: not only do you succeed in fully securing your switch against the likes of precipitation, dirt, dust and oxidation, but you also enhance the user experience and your switch’s appearance. The seals have a great tactile feel upon actuation, and they can be molded to fit switches of any shape or size. These compact, economic products will take your major electronic devices a long way, as they retain their original characteristics for years and can be reused many times.

Convert your standard switches into powerful, dependable devices by shielding them with ZAGO’s tactile and dip crystal switch seals. Don’t take any risks when you’re up against hostile environments or circumstances. Learn why industry and military leaders choose ZAGO’s products, and contact us to speak with our team about how we can serve you.