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Environmental elements can easily make their way into the inner parts of sensitive electronic devices. However, with ZAGO’s panel bushing seals, you can control potential leaks with the most easy to use and economical product on the market. ZAGO’s panel bushing seals are composed of a stainless steel, type 202 or 302 inner component which is encompassed by a silicone rubber molding on all sides, and fits toggle switches 0.469" in diameter. The seal fits snuggly over toggle switches, sealing out hazards such as dirt, grease, air, salt water, acid, moisture and dust. All of our panel bushing seals meet milspec Mil-DTL-5423.

Our panel bushing seal washers are simple to secure onto your switches, and can be assembled such that the surface marked "bottom" is down. They can be reused multiple times, as their silicone and metal composition is highly durable. Extreme harsh environments are likely to deteriorate your switches unless they are protected by ZAGO’s seals.

ZAGO’s panel bushing seals have been engineered to withstand extreme temperature on both ends of the spectrum. While the silicone rubber is highly durable (with a durometer hardness of 35 to 55) the panel bush seal itself has a sleek and compact build. Order with us and we will customize the size, shape, and color of the seals to fit your switches.

So long as factors such as water leakage, salt buildup, fungus, and dirt accumulation are present, your panel switches are at risk of severe damage. That’s where ZAGO comes in with an inexpensive and convenient solution. With ZAGO’s panel pushing seals, upkeeping your switches becomes exceedingly easy; concerns about cleaning, maintaining, tightening or often replacing your switches are eliminated. More significantly, with your ZAGO panel bushing seal in place, you can rest assured that external hazards do not pose a threat to your most sensitive inner circuit components. Our specialists are always available to work with you; contact us today to start protecting your devices with our essential products.

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