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Under Pressure, ZAGO Sealing Washers Outperform Traditional Washers; Protect Sensitive Electronic Components

Environmental hazards, such as dirt, grease, air, saltwater, bacteria and moisture, can easily enter and damage the innermost part of sensitive electronic devices and circuit components - if they are not sealed properly. Unlike ordinary washers, ZAGO sealing washers are engineered with a rubber element that renders them leak-proof, and they will not crack under pressure.

Pressure Sealing Washers; Panel Bushing Sealing Washers Available

ZAGO offers two types of sealing washers: pressure sealing washers and panel bushing sealing washers, the latter of which meets Milspec Mil-DTL-5423. Both pressure and panel bushing sealing washers are composed of a stainless-steel type 202/302/316 inner component. This inner component is encompassed by silicone rubber molding, which creates an impenetrable, air-tight seal.

In addition to being pressure resistant, ZAGO pressure sealing and panel bushing sealing washers provide excellent noise and vibration reduction. They are reusable, highly durable and engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. ZAGO pressure sealing washers and panel bushing sealing washers are RoHS and REACH compliant and made in the U.S.A.

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