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Hex Flange Sealing Nuts

Small Hardware, Big Results

ZAGO’s Hex Flange Sealing Nuts are powerful pieces of hardware which create superb seals. If your equipment is exposed to high pressure, contamination, or vibration, then protect it with ZAGO’s hex flange sealing nuts. Our hex flange sealing nuts are unique because they are designed with an ingrained rubber element. The power of our sealing technology is unleashed when the nuts are torqued, causing the rubber element within them to form a vacuum-tight seal along the threading of the bolt.

We can customize our hex flange sealing nuts so that they are compatible with all types of conditions and environments. They can also be easily installed like ordinary nuts, with no special preparation on any kind. Their sleek, one piece-design means that you need not handle any chemicals or other messy substances in order to use them. The nuts are fully reusable and can be made from a combination of various types of rubber and steel.

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