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6-lobe Pin flat heads, are designed with grooves in a six-point pattern, featuring a pin within the recess that will resist standard torx bits. The security torx design enables a higher and more consistent torque level compared to conventional screw heads, whilst also resisting cam-out. Tamper-proof seals need to be self-sealing to ensure complete fastener security on all ends.

ZAGO’s self sealing security/tamper-proof seals do more for your devices than regular self-sealing screws; our highly durable fasteners block out fluids, pressure and contaminants thanks to their built-in rubber O-ring device. Make sure your screws can deter a broad range of threats. Our fasteners are ready to use with no installation preparation, and can be reused for years. They are compatible with all surface types and act as a total deterrent against external/internal contamination from air, water, gas, and other harsh environments when you use compatible "O" ring materials. As a result, you can count on them in every situation.

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