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Circuit Breaker Boots

An Essential Pair For Optimum Performance

Heavy sleet? Or perhaps a wild windstorm coming your way? Is your circuit breaker mounted inside a boat? With ZAGO’s circuit breaker covers and boots, you need not ever worry about discovering that your circuit breaker will fail you even under rough conditions. Both the circuit breaker covers and boots are molded from highly resilient transparent rubber per MIL-STD A-A-59588, lending them extraordinary waterproofing qualities. The cover and boots, when fitted over your devices, seal out water, bacteria, oil and the encroachment of virtually any other substance.

ZAGO can customize many of the circuit breaker covers features. Specifically, we can design a cover that can either be placed directly over your circuit breaker, and then bonded to the panel, or one that can be applied behind the panel, and then shaped to fit between the panel and the breaker. The transparent design of the cover allows you to quickly see your circuit breaker status and its malleable design grants you easy operating access. The rubber circuit breaker boots, which are also customized to perfectly fit your devices, are recognized by industry leaders not only for their exceptional waterproofing power, but also for their great tactile feel and aesthetic look. All of our circuit breaker protective pieces can be ordered according to your preference, all are reusable, and all require zero preparation, cleanup, and maintenance.

ZAGO’s team is always available to work with you side-by-side to determine which of our product options best suit your needs. We are committed to your satisfaction, and to devising the most effective solution for you both in terms of functionality and cost. Start the process today by sharing with us your ideas and goals, and we will promptly return to you with a solution and a quote.

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