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Multi Switch Panel Covers

Multiple Switches, One Solution

One of ZAGO’s latest products includes the multi switch panel cover–one of the very few of its kind on the market. Our new option for front panel sealing provides you with a complete seal against water, oil, and other intrusive substances. This unique product is molded to fit your panel and switches precisely. If you have actuators that project outwards out of the panel, then ZAGO’s multi switch panel cover is the solution you need to guarantee yourself both convenience and seal protection. If your panel is exposed to the outdoors, we definitely recommended that you keep it protected.

The smooth, silicone-based covering functions perfectly in extreme temperatures ranging from -93F to 400F, thus lending it a resilience like no other. We can customize your panel to suit your color preference exactly, or we can make it transparent. If you decide later to replace your switch panel, then you can always reuse ZAGO’s multi switch panel cover quickly and easily.

We’re committed to making sure your devices function at their best for as long as possible. With ZAGO’s multi switch panel cover, panels that would have broken down years ago now stay in top-notch condition. Let salt sprays, oil residue and other harsh elements hit our durable coverings–and not your sensitive electronics. ZAGO’s products will reduce your costs over time, as there will be no need to replace your electronic devices as often as you would have needed to otherwise. Start adding years to the lifecycle of your electronics by ordering with ZAGO today.

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