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Rocker Switch Boots

Protective Boots For Your Switches

You keep your feet protected against rain and snow by wearing boots, so why shouldn’t you keep your switches protected with their own boots? Ensure that failure will not be an option by placing a powerful layer of defense over your rocker switches. Our tear-resistant, resilient silicone rubber rocker switch boots create a watertight, dust blocking barrier over the switch and the cut out in the panel by incorporating a full cover over the switch and a ",sealing rib", at the bottom of the boot. While unprotected rocker switches will begin deteriorating over time due to exposure to wind, dust, water and more, switches that wear the ZAGO boot will continue performing for years.

The rocker switch boot not only shields the switch against pressure and contaminants, it is also convenient to use thanks to its shape and texture. The switches also function perfectly in extreme temperatures. We can customize your switches according to desired shape and color. ZAGO’s rocker switch boots can be easily mounted onto switches with a quick snap-on motion, and can be reused for years on end.

We designed our rocker switch boots to exceed the expectations of professionals in the military, in the medical sector, in the commercial appliance industry, and in many more fields. ZAGO’s rocker switch seals will outperform other seals due to their unique tear-resistant consistency. Increase the longevity of your equipment by shielding your switches against humidity, dust, oil, precipitation and much more with ZAGO’s rocker switch boots. Submit your design plans today, and we will quickly respond to you with a solution and a plan of action.

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