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Secured with ZAGO Sealing Screws, Tracetag from Triax Enables Employers to Monitor Workplace Social Distancing; Contact Tracing

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Keeping workers safe – even in the harshest workplace environments – is a hallmark of Triax Technologies®. Worker safety recently took on a new meaning for the Connecticut-based company when the Coronavirus hit the U.S. in March. Most Triax customers are essential businesses, employing essential workers, in fields like construction, oil & gas and mining.

From the pandemic’s onset, Triax spoke with customers eager to understand how its technology could be re-engineered to minimize the risk of workers contracting and spreading the Coronavirus in the workplace. Proximity Trace™ was born.

What is Proximity Trace?

Proximity Trace is a contact tracing software and social distancing technology, and TraceTag is its wearable device. A TraceTag is worn on the body or affixed to a hardhat and emits a real-time alert when workers are too close as per CDC distancing guidelines. Proximity Trace is based on Spot-r®, Triax’s connected worker wearable technology and Internet of Things platform.

"To create Proximity Trace, we needed a reliable network of suppliers during a pandemic, and  ZAGO Manufacturing met our qualifications and more,” says Greg Probert, Manager, Manufacturing and Hardware Design, Triax Technologies. “Like our TraceTag, ZAGO sealing screws are made in the U.S.A. (Newark, NJ), and ZAGO has a network of trusted local suppliers."

What are Zago Sealing Screws?

To ensure the TraceTag performs under harsh environmental conditions, its exterior perimeter is sealed with ZAGO high-tech sealing screws. Unlike ordinary screws, ZAGO sealing screws are engineered with a rubber O-ring that when tightened forms a 360-degree air-tight seal that protects the TraceTag from contaminants, like water, chemicals, and dust, from entering or exiting, while allowing for daily disinfectant cleaning. ZAGO sealing screws meet Triax’s safety certifications and can be unscrewed and retightened for easy battery changing in the intrinsically safe tag.

Another ZAGO customer innovating during the pandemic is Boyce Technologies, an urban technology and public safety, security and communications systems firm in Queens, NY. Boyce is fulfilling its mission of “safeguarding people’s lives.” Early on, Boyce pivoted from making safety and digital display systems for mass transit (ZAGO sealing screws seal the enclosures) to manufacturing a mechanical ventilator while pneumatic ventilators were sparse. Boyce has returned to its core business and is prototyping equipment to make K-95 masks in NYC.

“We’re grateful for customers like Triax Technologies and Boyce Technologies. They’re fearlessly fast-tracking innovation to counter the spread of the Coronavirus and safeguard lives,” says Gail Friedberg, CEO, ZAGO Manufacturing Co.

About ZAGO Manufacturing Co.

Newark, NJ-based ZAGO Manufacturing produces high-tech, sustainable sealing fasteners and components preferred by engineers in varied industries, including medical device, robotics & drones, energy, automotive and the military. ZAGO sealing fasteners contain a built-in rubber O-ring, which when tightened, creates a 360-degree air-tight seal, preventing dirt, moisture, disinfectants, and contaminants from entering and damaging equipment and hazardous substances from leaking into the environment. ZAGO Manufacturing is a woman-owned company, and ZAGO sealing fasteners and components are U.S.A.-made.

About Triax Technologies

Triax Technologies develops and delivers a fully connected IoT worksite platform through a proprietary communication hub designed for construction, energy, heavy industrial and other challenging IT environments. Its flagship Spot-r system provides real-time, data-driven visibility to elevate worksite safety, productivity and security, while minimizing risk. It enables intelligent, actionable insights, helping firms work safer and smarter. Proximity Trace provides proximity distancing alerts and contact tracing for the workplace and helps support organizations’ strategies for maintaining safe operations. The company is privately held and based in Norwalk, Conn.

Did You Know?

ZAGO is a purpose-driven company that is committed to the triple bottom line strategy of "People. Planet. Profit."