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Product Spotlight: Crystal Seals

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Protect Circuit Breakers and Panels from Contaminants While in Harsh Environments


  • Made from clear urethane. For instantaneous, crystal-clear visibility.
  • Rated IP54 NEMA-ready. May achieve higher IP rating when combined with panel.
  • Dual sealing protection. Press-fitted to seal circuit breaker and cut-out of the panel.
  • Prevent seepage of contaminants in harsh environments.
  • Watertight and splashproof.
  • Easy to assemble. Maintenance free and reusable.
  • Excellent flex resistance and tensile strength, especially when compared to silicone.
  • Perfect for sealing: wet vacuum systems, rocker switches on boating equipment/dash boards, and circuit breakers on any panel exposed to harsh conditions.

Built to Withstand:

  • Water and saltwater
  • Oxidization, ozone, and sunlight
  • Hot, cold, wind, and extreme weather
  • Oils, gasoline, greases, many hydrocarbons (excludes nitro and chlorinated carbon)
  • Dirt, sand, and dust
  • Moderate chemicals

Did You Know?

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