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Tough Panel Bushing Seals in the Face of Harsh Conditions

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If you are operating under harsh environmental conditions, then it’s absolutely key to keep your equipment fortified. The best way to do so is by investing in ZAGO’s ultra powerful panel bushing seals. With ZAGO’s panel bushing seals, you can protect your equipment against leaks of every sort. Don't let dust, dirt, oil, water or anything else for that matter compromise the integrity of your switches-use ZAGO’s panel bushing seals.

ZAGO’s panel bushing seals are crafted using steel and silicone rubber. They are engineered crafted into a single-piece design, and are highly tear resistant. They can fit toggle switches .469” in diameter. The panel bushing seals fit tightly over toggle switches, and effectively seal out dirt, water, oil, acid and so much more. All of ZAGO’s panel bushing seals are milspec Mil-DTL-5423 compliant. The silicone rubber from which the panel bushing seals are molded has a durometer hardness of 35 to 55. The panel bushing seals are sleek and aesthetic, and can be manufactured in customized colors.

These ultra powerful panel bushing seal washers are very easy to use, and, like all of ZAGO’s products, are reusable. Simply place the product over your switches, making sure that the surface labeled “bottom” faces downward. The silicone rubber from which the the panel bushing seals are molded is malleable yet extremely resilient. The fact is, without ZAGO’s panel bushing seals, your equipment is likely to deteriorate quickly, since contaminants will leaks in through unprotected switches. The surest way to protect equipment is with ZAGO’s switch boots.

Today, professionals in wide spectrum of fields rely on ZAGO to deliver them the ultra durable panel bushing seals they require. As long as leakage, fungus, salt build-up and more are an issue, ZAGO’s panel bushing seals will be a must. Moreover, ZAGO’s engineering team has created the optimal switch boots that can withstand both extreme cold and extreme heat. So, whatever challenges you face in your field, ZAGO will have the perfect sealing solution for you. Please get in touch with ZAGO today to learn more and to get a quote.

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