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ZAGO Delivers You the Best in Cutting-Edge Sealing Technology

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Whether you operate in the operating room, out in space, in the depths of the ocean, on the battlefield or under other tough conditions, make sure your equipment can keep up with you. ZAGO delivers you the ultimate sealing technology–self-sealing machine screws that very effectively block out humidity, oil, gases and a variety of contaminants. Don't settle for anything but the very best when it comes to your mission-critical equipment–take advantage of the powerful sealing solutions that ZAGO offers you today.

ZAGO manufactures ultra durable machine seal screws which feature unique silicon rubber O-ring elements. The O-ring is embedded into the seal screw itself. When pressure is applied to the O-ring, is becomes activated, and it forms a vacuum-tight seal about the faster structure. As such, liquids, gases and solids cannot leak by in or out of your equipment. Without ZAGO’s self-sealing machine screws, the vulnerable areas of your equipment–the fasteners–would succumb to pressure, vibration and contamination, and allow for leakage. You can prevent leaks effectively with ZAGO’s machine seal screws.

ZAGO’s machine seal screws require zero installation prep, and can be reused again and again. Unlike other sealing products on the market, ZAGO’s hardware is free of any messy chemical substances, so you need not worry about any hassles or potentially harmful substances. Use ZAGO’s machine seal screws just as you would ordinary machine screws–but witness incredible results.

Military leaders as well as private manufacturing professionals worldwide harness the power of ZAGO’s incredible machine screws each and every single day. These powerful devices not only guard against leaks very effectively, but there are also easy to handle, reusable and cost-effective. Systems that include marine huls, fuel tanks, construction machinery any many other type of equipment demand nothing but the bes: ZAGO’s powerful machine seal screws. Get in touch with ZAGO today, and speak to a qualified engineer. Together, you can devise the optimal sealing solution for a current or upcoming application.

Did You Know?

ZAGO is a purpose-driven company that is committed to the triple bottom line strategy of "People. Planet. Profit."