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ZAGO Launches New Site

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Fresh and engaging; the face of a true industry leader. This is the kind of description that comes to mind when exploring the new website launched by ZAGO, a top-tier sealing product manufacturing company.

The look and feel of ZAGO’s new website,, reflects the nature of the company as an innovative sealing products manufacturer that leads not only in its technical prowess, but also on its unique customer support model. ZAGO provides its clients with smart sealing technology that secures hardware fasteners and electronic switches. The company offers customers economic solutions that protect and prolong their equipment’s life cycle.

ZAGO decided to launch a new site (set for February 1st, 2013) to engage visitors in a structured framework through which the company can communicate the design, function and applicability of its products. The result is a site that is easy to navigate and that is descriptive without being overwhelming. One of the first things visitors will notice, beside the large, elegantly changing photo display of ZAGO’s products, is a table with four boxes, one for each of the product families: Sealing screws, seal nuts, switch boots, and crystal seals. The website goes into detail about the “nuts and bolts” of the world of sealing products.

Seal screws, as one learns quite quickly on the site, refers to a collection of self-sealing fasteners that feature a built-in O-ring component that lends them extraordinary sealing strength. The O-ring, when compressed, reshapes itself to create a powerful seal. ZAGO’s line of seal nuts, likewise, also create superb seals due to a rubber device that has been fixated on the inside of each nut. Thus, ZAGO has engineered a solution for professionals that operate in places where high pressure, precipitation, oil residue, and contamination are serious concerns.

ZAGO’ switch boots act as shields for electronic switches by blocking out any sort of filth that may be inclined to leak in. Electronic devices are vulnerable to things like salt water spray and oxidation, so the best way to keep them safe is by using ZAGO’s Switch seals. Similarly, ZAGO’s crystal seals can be molded onto any types of switches to form an unbreachable seal over mission-critical devices.

Worldwide, military and industry leaders in fields ranging from aerospace, to construction, to off-road vehicle production, and boating turn to ZAGO for sealing products. They know they can depend on ZAGO to work with them through each detail of every project, and to deliver products which deliver the best protection. And now, with ZAGO’s new website up and running, more professionals will be able to utilize ZAGO’s products to strengthen their own businesses. Explore to learn more about what ZAGO can do for you.

About ZAGO Manufacturing:

ZAGO Manufacturing Co. is a Newark-based family-owned business that develops and manufactures custom, high-tech sealing solutions and components. ZAGO ’s products are used by engineers in countless industries: aerospace, transportation, medicine, robotics, construction, electronics and more. Clients span the world and include major military contractors, Ferrari, Google, Tesla, BOSE, Lockheed Martin, HP and others.

Did You Know?

ZAGO is a purpose-driven company that is committed to the triple bottom line strategy of "People. Planet. Profit."