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ZAGO Active in Initiatives for Reshoring

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In the cut-throat competition for reduced manufacturing costs, countless jobs in America have been out-sourced. Now, however, American firms are re-considering offshoring and are recognizing the fact that, although on the surface it may seem that sending jobs abroad may be less expensive than keeping them in the USA, in fact, it may be the opposite.

August 27, 2012

We live in a globalized day and age where many US firms send jobs overseas and where advances in technology allow us to work across oceans. However, it seems that we may be seeing a trend back towards localization. Indeed, firms are recognizing more and more that manufacturing abroad limits their ability to quickly deliver goods, maintain strategic inventories, and rapidly execute adjustments. Thus, many may start reshoring jobs.

Moreover, by manufacturing within the U.S, companies will likely have better quality control mechanisms and be able to consistently produce quality products. Moreover, producing locally reduces waste and improves coordination, and can strengthen a firm’s ability to quickly respond to customer demand. ZAGO, a manufacturer of industrial parts, can be a crucial part of the reshoring processes for a company’s supply chain. ZAGO Manufacturing has been the business of engineering specialty sealing products in the US for almost two decades. ZAGO can aid contractors in complying with the Buy American Act requirements put forth in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

ZAGO’s self-sealing products are found in equipment manufactured both in the U.S. and abroad, and play a crucial role in preventing leaks and saving significant amounts of money on repairs. ZAGO is the expert in crafting practical, durable, economical, and environmentally sustainable sealing solutions which fortify equipment against harsh elements. ZAGO’s technical crew is available to work side by side with client engineers to design unique products that will fit precise specifications.

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