Sealing Fasteners

Sealing Screw

The Idea

Where harsh climates attack, ZAGO protects. Where pressure from water or gas threatens, ZAGO defends. Introducing ZAGO’s exceptional line of self-sealing screws, bolts and rivets. Designed for ultimate deterrence and for the roughest conditions, these self-sealing fasteners will create unbeatable fortification for your equipment.

How It Works

An ordinary screw lacks adequate seal protection, allowing contaminates such as dirt or water to infiltrate and destroy sensitive devices. ZAGO has engineered a solution to this problem with its exceptional line of sealing screws, bolts, and rivets. Although our hardware is just as easy to use as ordinary products, the upgraded results you will see are unique to ZAGO’s hardware alone.

ZAGO’s smart, aesthetic design incorporates a rubber “O” ring under each screw, bolt, or rivet head, thus granting both insurmountable sealing and fastening power to the fastener while providing metal-to-metal contact. Our resilient, malleable “O” ring fits with tight precision under the screw, bolt, or rivet head, forming a sealant layer between the fastener and any type of harsh environment. Our seal fasteners are designed for bi-directional sealing, thus offering protection in all directions (axially, radially, angularly). They are also very easy to use, as they don’t necessitate any special preparation or re-tightening.

ZAGO sealing screws are available in a wide range of screw materials as well as “o” ring material options. Click on the links below for assistance on how to choose the right materials for your specific application:

Sealing Screw Diagram

Special Features Include:

  • “O” ring which provides 360 degrees of protection
  • Seal screws can compensate for tolerance run-out
  • Made of compounds that can resist virtually all aggressive chemical & environmental applications
  • Metal-to-metal contact
  • No special installation tools or primers necessary
  • No maintenance/re-tightening needed
  • Customizable threading, head and driver options
  • Large selection of materials
  • Reusable (within limit)
  • feature vibration-absorbing add ons such as strips, pellets and patches
  • Military and industry certified

The Results

ZAGO seal screws, bolts, and rivets are dependably resistant against the chemical and environmental elements ordinary fasters don’t stand a chance against. They are user-friendly, cost-effective solutions to any challenge you may face in the field, in the water, in the operating room, and beyond. Whether you’re building from scratch or in need of enhancing your equipment, ZAGO will have a high functioning sealing screw, bolt, or rivet to meet your every requirement. Our engineering department is available to work with you one-on-one to determine all your needs, so contact us to begin the process today.