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Circuit Breaker Covers & Switch Boots: Your Primary Defense Against the Elements

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Whether your circuit breaks are up against sleet, oil or salt spray, ZAGO has the perfect solution for you: Silicon-rubber circuit breaker covers and boots. ZAGO’s incredibly durable circuit breaker covers protect your switches against even the harshest elements, so you can see optimal performance from your electronic devices for years longer. If you have a circuit breaker inside a boat, in a petroleum work site, or anywhere else where leakage is a concern, then invest in ZAGO’s exceptional circuit breaker covers and boots.

These powerful products are manufactured out of very resilient transparent silicone rubber per MIL-STD A-A-59588. As such, they are incredibly tear-resistant and absolutely waterproof. The cover and boots are fitted tightly over your circuit breakers and they effectively block out water, oil, bacteria, oil, acid and more. Without these special coverings, your circuit breakers will be left extremely vulnerable under rough conditions, and degrade very quickly. The coverings are reusable, and necessitate zero prep or clean up hassle.

What’s more is that you get to customize your circuit breaker covers and boots, so that they fit your equipment perfectly. ZAGO can design switch boots for you that are placed directly over your circuit breakers, and then bonded subsequently to the panel, or ZAGO can manufacture covers that are applied behind the panel itself, and then molded to fit in between the breaker and panel. The cover is perfectly transparent so as to provide you with full visibility. Plus, the covers are both malleable and highly resilient.

Professionals who are leaders in their industries recognize the unbeatable quality of ZAGO’s circuit breaker covers. Out in the field, in the operation room, out in space and underwater, ZAGO’s circuit breaker covers and boots continue to perform and outperform. ZAGO’s team of ultra qualified engineers are standing ready to devise the ultimate switch sealing solutions. Whatever environments your circuit breakers function in, you can rely on ZAGO’s circuit breaker covers and boots for the ultimate level of protection. Touch base with ZAGO today to learn more.

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