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Don't Let Your Equipment Fail–Secure It with ZAGO’s Security/tamper-proof Screws

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Your firm has invested in tamper-proof sealing screws to prevent tampering activity–but have you taken necessary precautions to ensure that your equipment is safe from other types of threats, such as those posed by fluid contamination or pressure? The most effective way to deter the threat of leakage is by implementing ZAGO’s self sealing security/tamper-proof screws into your equipment. ZAGO proudly manufactures cutting edge security/tamper-proof screws that effectively prevent leaks of all different sorts.

ZAGO’s tamper-proof/security screws are engineered with a unique silicone-rubber O-ring element. When torque is applied to the screw, the O-ring element is activated, and, subsequently, it creates a virtually impenetrable seal. Your sealing and fastening strength won’t be compromised in the face of vibration, pressure or contamination. ZAGO is one of the very manufacturing companies to engineer such unique pieces of hardware, and today ZAGO has positioned itself the leader in its sector.

ZAGO can engineer the ideal tamper proof/security screws according to your exact specifications. ZAGO offers you unprecedented protection against internal/external leaks. The screws effectively seal in or seal out air, gas, water and other substances. You can customize the screw and O-ring material, as well as the screw threading, such that all the features fit your specific application. ZAGO engineers socket tamper proof, spanner, 6-lobe tamper proof and one way slotted screws.

Professionals in a wide range of fields depend on ZAGO each and every day when it comes to achieving maximum sealing security. ZAGO carefully customizes all of its products to suit the need of each customer, and ensures that maximum blocking power against chemical contamination, fluid and gas is delivered. The company also offers special add ons to prevent the damaging effect of vibration, including self-locking strips, patches and pellets. Make sure that your equipment is fortified and ready to perform optimally in any environment by investing in ZAGO’s highly effective security/tamper-proof screws today.

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