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Simple, Inexpensive Way to Curb Climate Change: Prevent Leaks!

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A startling 3 trillion cubic feet of methane gas leaks into the atmosphere every year, which is enough to generate warming power equivalent to that produced by over half of the coal power plants in the United States. At the same time, thousands of tanks that store oil emit methane and plumes of other gases into the atmosphere. The need to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions and tackle environmental degradation is more important than ever–which is why oil and gas producers are turning to ZAGO to fully seal-off their storage tanks.

Newark, NJ, 1/19/10

ZAGO’s sealing products are crucial components to any secure storage system for gas or oil. Using advanced engineering techniques and exceptional materials, ZAGO creates self-sealing fasteners, switch boots, and Crystal seals which prevent hazardous substances from leaking out of tanks. Due to corrosion, pressure, and other factors, ordinary fasteners will not remain reliable for long. But with ZAGO’s highly resilient fasteners, with their unique ‘O” ring element, you can be certain that none of your tanks are leaking.

By using ZAGO’s seal screws, seal nuts, seal washer, and switch boots, companies that produce energy can not only seal leaks, they can also prevent them entirely. ZAGO’s sealing screws prevent liquids and gases from escaping from a tank, while ZAGO’s switch boot covers protect rotary, toggle, and push button switches. ZAGO Manufacturing has been has been crafting sealing solution for twenty years in New Jersey, from its state-of-the-art facility in south Newark. ZAGO is conveniently located in proximity to Newark International Airport, the Port of Newark, and many other major transit routes in New Jersey.

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