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ZAGO Improves Microphone Technology

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In show biz, nothing sells better than a shocking, juicy story. Recently, a leading microphone manufacturer turned to ZAGO when things got a bit too shocking–literally shocking, that is.

Shock factor is great in the entertainment world–that is, the shock of a dramatic story, rather than an electrical shock from a microphone. A prominent manufacturer of microphones recently approached ZAGO with a project proposal to seal off microphones from moisture–in particular, sweat. Indeed, the company was receiving complaints from customers that sweat from their hands apparently caused the microphones to short-circuit as the on/off button was switched; as such, the risk of getting an electric shock was high.

ZAGO, a leader in producing sealing products, such as switch boots, crystal seals, and self-sealing fasteners, worked closely with the company to devise a solution to the issue at hand. In the end, ZAGO designed a perfectly-fitted covering for the small switch, thus, fully sealing it off from moisture and contamination. That way, ZAGO prevented the microphone from short-circuiting and posing a danger to the user.

ZAGO Manufacturing Company can craft the perfect sealing solution for any application–be it microphones or submarines. ZAGO’s products are environmentally sustainable, and make it such that your equipment lasts for years. With ZAGO’s dependable, durable seal solutions, you don’t need to worry about costly and frequent equipment repairs due to saltwater intrusion, corrosion, contamination and more.

ZAGO’s technical department often works side by side with clients to work out the ideal solution that uniquely fits a given project. Indeed, lead manufacturers of equipment which features push button, rocker, toggle, and other switch types choose ZAGO’s products to securely waterproof and protect their sensitive electronics. ZAGO prides itself on providing clients with competitive prices and extensive consultation, and on delivering highly dependable, aesthetic, and user-friendly sealing products.

ZAGO Manufacturing designs and produces all of its sealing products from its headquarters in Newark, New Jersey, and has done so for almost two decades. The company is strategically located near major traffic routes, such as Newark International Airport and the Port of Newark. As such, the company conducts multiple deliveries throughout North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

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