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ZAGO Manufacturing Company Now Offers Circuit Breaker Protection

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ZAGO, leading sealing product manufacturing company based in Newark, New Jersey, recently announced that the company would be expanding its line of specialty sealing products. The line will include waterproof switch covers that would protect circuit breaker panels. ZAGO’s circuit breaker covers, crafted from ultra-resilient transparent silicone rubber per MIL-STD ZZR 765 block out any potential water or moisture intrusion. The uniquely molded design also seals out dirt, thereby expanding the circuit breaker’s life cycle.

ZAGO is an expert in designing economical sealing products that will grant your circuit breakers long last operation. ZAGO’s engineering department is available to work side by side with clients’ engineers to devise a unique design solution that will fit exact specifications and meet the highest quality standards. ZAGO’s top of the line circuit breaker covers can be installed in one of the two following ways: Either they are placed directly over the circuit breaker, and then bonded onto the the panel, or they are applied on the back side of the panel and then molded so as to fit between the panel and the breaker.

Today, leader in the circuit breaker manufacturing sector are turning to ZAGO for waterproof rubber switch boots, both because they offer exceptional seal protection at a competitive price and because they are aesthetic, easy to use, and have a great tactile feel when actuated. ZAGO switch boots are durable, dependable, and can be chosen from among many color options. ZAGO Manufacturing has been creating sealing products since 1993. The company operates from a modern manufacturing facility located in South Newark, right near Newark Airport and many other major transport routes. ZAGO executed shipments daily throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

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ZAGO is a purpose-driven company that is committed to the triple bottom line strategy of "People. Planet. Profit."