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Fasten Your Seatbelts and Seatbelt Your Fasteners

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We do a great deal to keep ourselves safe–we wear helmets when cycling, we wear boots when its cold and wet out, and we fasten our seatbelts when we’re on the road. But are people doing enough to protect their equipment? The truth is, a lot of people may be skipping a crucial step when it comes to safeguarding their equipment: using ZAGO’s self-sealing screws.

Your fasteners–for example, screws and bolts–face severe strain when they are exposed to pressure, precipitation and various contaminants. The chances of leakage when you use generic screws is extraordinarily high, since you have nothing to block out intrusive substances. That means that whatever your screws, nuts and bolts are holding together may very well collapse right before your eyes.

But ZAGO’s self-sealing screws are different. They “seatbelt” your fasteners by providing them with extraordinary fortification. ZAGO affixes a rubber O-ring component into its hardware; the O-ring is able to transform its shape so as to creates an unbeatable wall of protection against a spectrum of dangers–like oil and moisture. With ZAGO’s self-sealing screws, you block out hazards and keep your equipment going for years. Meanwhile, using regular screws, or simply using standalone O-rings and washers leaves your equipment vulnerable.

ZAGO’s self-sealing screws, bolts, and nuts provide you with the ultimate fortification mechanism while granting you metal on metal contact. ZAGO’s solution is clean and economical, requiring no messy prep, cleanup or maintenance. Use and reuse ZAGO’s self-sealing fasteners, and know that in addition to yourself, you’re fully defending your equipment.

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